2014 Montalbera Fuori Catalogo Piemonte Rosso

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Production zone: Piedmont.
Vineyard: Low Guyot vine training system, with 8-10 buds on the fruiting cane.
Grape variety: 60% Barbera, 40% Ruchè.
Vini cation: Traditional red wine process.
Ageing: Barbera and Ruchè grapes harvested in slight over-riping conditions. Maturation in steel tanks and subsequently in the bottle positioned horizontally with controlled temperature.
Colour: Medium intensity ruby red with highlights that tend towards orange with age.
Nose: Intense and fruity, with scents of red fruits and apricot.
Palate: Delicate, smooth and full-bodied, with scents of berries jam.
Bottle: Noble Bordeaux 500g - Uvag type glass.
Closure: Cork 24x45 single piece.
Sizes available: Bottle 0,75 L.
Abv: 12,50 to 14,00 % depending on the vintage.