2018 Tamburlaine Organic Pinot Gris

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On The Grapevine 
Pinot Gris | Orange Wine Region, NSW
Vintage | Exceptional quality vintage, picked mid February.
Vineyard | Cool climate, high altitude vineyards of Orange, NSW.
Bouquet | Jasmine, nashi pear and nectarine.
Palate | Hints of citrus with refreshing acidity.
Serving suggestions | It’s the kind of wine you want to take to dinner.
Alcohol | 12.4%
Cellaring | Up to 5 years, keep away from strong light, at a cool, constant temperature<15°

Awards | 4/5 stars and EQUAL TOP in category in 2018 Winestate Annual Pinot
Gris/Grigio Wine Show.“Best Value Buy - $20 and under” – Winestate November/
December 2018 Edition.