Varvaglione Passione Primitivo del Salento 2016

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Primitivo is named after the word “early” or “prima” in Italian because grapes maturate earlier than others. Passione is a wine with a deep red colour, an elegant bouquet and a rich aromatic taste. This wine is full-bodied thanks to the smoothness of its tannins and its versatility of matching with a variety of Mediterranean dishes.

Alcohol: 14% vol.

Production area: province of Taranto

Grape yield per hectare: kg 8.000 – 9.000

Production method: vinification by maceration with
controlled temperature at 24°- 28°C. After malolactic
fermentation, refinement in French tonneau at least
for 3 months.

COLOUR Deep red

BOUQUET Elegant bouquet

TASTE Rich, aromatic and full-bodied thanks to the smoothness of its tannins.