Chateau de Sancerre 2019

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Chateau de Sancerre is one of the rare French wine estates bearing the name of an appellation. Situated on the left bank of the Loire and overlooking a unique terroir of 4 different soils, its 55-hectare vineyard is planted with vines, representing an average age of 25 years. The region’s rolling hills and semi-continental climate produce lively and crisp Sauvignon Blanc wines boasting good structure, and evoking well-ripened gooseberry aromas and smoky, flinty notes. The wines of Chateau de Sancerre are made, matured and bottled in-house. The art of blending meets high standards in keeping with the Constable of Sancerre’s motto: “Advance before the best”.

Chateau de Sancerre - The cellars
Chateau de Sancerre - Barrels used to raise certain wines
Chateau de Sancerre - Aerial panorama from the Fiefdom Tower
Chateau de Sancerre - The vines of one of the vintages

The entire vineyard has obtained level 3 High Environmental Value Certification, guaranteeing the estate’s performance with regard to the local biodiversity, as well as fertilization, irrigation and phytosanitary practices.